What Authors Say

“Jessica Barnes’ keen eye and creative expertise are two of the key reasons I’ve received two starred reviews in Publishers Weekly the last couple years. Jessica is a brilliant editor; efficient for the task but still kind to the writer’s soul and insightful beyond her years. I’d trust her in a heartbeat with any project of mine.”

~Susan Meissner, award-winning author of Lady in Waiting and The Shape of Mercy


“It’s hard for me to imagine a better editor than Jessica Barnes. At times I got the feeling that she understood my story better than I did, and there’s no doubt in my mind that her encouragement, insight, and experience made it a better book. Actually, she made it a much better book. But let’s keep that between you and me.”

~Andrew Peterson, recording artist and award-winning author of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and North! Or Be Eaten


“Jessica Barnes is a native genius and surpassingly good at helping authors think through their stories and make them better. She understands story at every level, from the shape of the plot to the flow of the sentences. There’s something old-fashioned about the loving care that Jessica lavishes on the projects she works on. The Charlatan’s Boy (and I) benefitted hugely from her insight.”

~Jonathan Rogers, author of The Charlatan’s Boy and The Wilderking Trilogy


There is a reason I credit Jessica Barnes in every Random House novel I’ve written: Without her help in every single aspect, from plotting to edits and beyond, my novels would pale in comparison. I’ve come to rely on her not only to make a better book from the manuscript I send her, but also to know the market and how to grab a reader by the heart and keep the pages turning. No matter where a writer is in the process, a good editor can always make a better book. And bar none, Jessica Barnes is the best!”

~Kathleen Y’Barbo, best-selling author of more than thirty award-winning novels, novellas, and young adult books


“Jessica is a treasure. I call her my second brain. She knows what a story should look like, feel like, and sound like. Her comments are astute and precise, and her questions send me back to my manuscript with a clearer vision of what works and what doesn’t. Jessica’s insights help me communicate what I intended to communicate all along. Her goal is to help me tell my story and tell it well. I would choose her as my editor in a heartbeat.”

~Karyn Henley, author of Breath of Angel and Eye of the Sword


“Jessica Barnes makes the editorial process a joy, giving insights into the big picture of a story and also tackling the details that make or break a book. Without altering my voice or my vision, she made my first novel marketable and taught me many lessons that will serve me well for future projects. I wholeheartedly recommend her editorial services.”

~Meg Moseley, author of When Sparrows Fall


“Every piece of writing needs an editor. Even my shopping list. If you want to write for publication, you need someone who can look at your writing and offer you a professional, unbiased perspective. My sister loves everything I write, but she’s a quilter, not a story editor. Jessica Barnes is the kind of editor who brings a well-trained eye, heart, and humor to every story she edits. My favorite kind of editor.”

~ Mona Hodgson, author of thirty-one books, including the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series


“Jessica’s editorial gifts will help you open your story with a bang, tighten your plot while teasing out subplots, and bring your characters into the full spectrum of life. She’s able to help you make your book its very best without changing your voice, approach, or vision. Is she good? Absolutely. Under Jessica’s thoughtful, professional pencil, my first book for adults, Let Them Eat Cake, garnered a coveted Christy Award nomination.”

~Sandra Byrd, author of the French Twist Series